Swinging for Success: Fusion Cyber Joins CBDA in Golf Fundraiser

Last Monday, the Capital Business Development Association (CBDA), Fusion Cyber, and its charitable affiliate, The Cyber Bridge Opportunity Fund, teed off a new initiative to help build cybersecurity talent with their inaugural Epic CBDA Fall Golf Tournament. The event held at the Army Navy Country Club in Fairfax, Virginia, was more than just a beautiful day of golf; it was also a drive to fund the CBDA Cybersecurity Scholarship Program, a fundraiser that goes a long way to opening doors for those interested in joining a promising and much-needed industry of the future.


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Funds from the fairways go into supporting the CBDA Scholarships, which are offered to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), providing courses preparing students for cybersecurity and veterans seeking opportunities in the field. As CBDA's cybersecurity vendor, Fusion Cyber provides 24-week and 32-week online Risk Management Framework (RMF), including CMMC training programs— a steppingstone for career switchers and industry experts. CBDA's scholarship will help deliver for students who could greatly benefit from a program designed and taught by seasoned field practitioners.

Students on this journey participate in a holistic training program that prepares them for the classroom and the real world. Beyond just understanding cybersecurity fundamentals, students are learning the ins and outs of the Risk Management Framework. This federally issued government guideline will serve as their blueprint when they enter the industry. Furthermore, the program offers career advisement services, networking opportunities, and exam preparation for valuable industry certifications such as Security+, CISA, CISSP, and CEH to prepare students to join the field. With the help of CBDA's funding, Fusion Cyber and its students alike will be able to turn our goals into actions. 


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With the cybersecurity industry in dire need of filling its talent gap in the next decade, a program like Fusion Cyber can significantly benefit from opportunities such as these given by the scholarships. The additional funding generated by the CBDA Fall Golf Tournament will contribute to helping make a career in cybersecurity an accessible reality for anyone interested. CBDA's unique experience in supporting GOVCON businesses is the perfect partner that aligns with Fusion Cyber's mission to educate and build talent that will be able to serve and protect companies and the country as a whole. 



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